Lloyd Roach for Atlantic Division Vice Director 


Here are some recent endorsements for Lloyd, with more coming in each day.






Endorsement from Tim Duffy, K3LR:

Lloyd B. Roach has a significant radio background that ranges all the way from a professional shipboard operator to the management of top five ranked broadcast stations in Philadelphia and Chicago. 

While serving as WPA Section Manager, I enlisted Lloyd to serve as Public Information Officer, ASM and DEC. and he also maintained the WPA ARRL web page. 

He has traveled extensively throughout the Division all the way from Erie, PA to Rome, NY to Gloucester County, NJ to the Delmarva Peninsula.   Lloyd would make an exceptional Vice-Director for the Atlantic Division.

Tim Duffy, K3LR
President of the Radio Club of America
Former WPA Section Manager
Life Member ARRL





Endorsement from Bob Famiglio, K3RF:

This is an important election. It is mission critical that we elect Lloyd as our Atlantic Division Vice Director. I have had the pleasure of serving you for years as an ARES official, as a ARRL Section Manager and then as your current Vice Director for the Atlantic division with my term ending December 2017. I have been your legal advocate for decades as a volunteer legal counsel providing free advice to hams since the beginning of the program.

The Board of Directors of the ARRL has disapproved my application to run again as a candidate in the upcoming election with no specific reasons being given. However, I can assure you that Lloyd is my candidate of choice - our candidate of choice. There are few things in life of which I am certain. One thing I can tell you with certainty is that our best hope for a quality future and member-driven League is to send my friend and longtime colleague K3QNT to Newington to represent our interests in the Atlantic division. There has never been a more critical time to get involved. Your vote will count!

Please, join me in voting for Lloyd in the upcoming Atlantic Division election. I know Lloyd, I trust Lloyd, we can depend on Lloyd! He is a "Hamís Ham". Feel free to telephone me at 610-359-7300 to discuss Lloyd's credentials. I will always take time to answer questions from League members as to such matters. I have been to Newington and participated in many League management activities. I can tell you firsthand that Lloyd is ready for the job and that our best collective interest is letting him do that job for us. Lloyd is our man. Help us send him to HQ as our member-chosen representative.


Bob Famiglio, K3RF
Vice Director, ARRL 
Atlantic Division
Former EPA
Section Manager
Former EPA DEC
Life Member ARRL



Endorsement from Jeff DePolo, WN3A:

I have known Lloyd Roach for over twenty years. During that time, I have had the pleasure of working with him professionally in the broadcast industry as well as in various amateur radio pursuits. To say that Lloyd is
a "radio man" would be an understatement; I truly believe he has RF coursing through his veins.

The ARRL is not the organization it once was; it has become a ship without a rudder. A grass-roots reform effort built upon a foundation of qualified and principled field organization personnel is what is needed to put it back on course. Leadership from people with integrity, sincerity, and perseverance such as Lloyd, backed by the good hams of the Atlantic Division, will be a big step in the right direction.

I can think of no other amateur more qualified for the position, and I urge all League members in the Atlantic Division to vote for him.

Jeff DePolo, WN3A
Owner and Senior Engineer, Broadcast Sciences LLC
Frequency Coordinator, Database Manager Area Repeater Coordination Council (ARCC)
Member  Society of Broadcast Engineers Chapter 18
Assistant Emergency Coordinator -  Chester County ARES/RACES
President Emeritus and Former Trustee, Univ. of Penn. Amateur Radio Club
Founder/Owner, University of Pennsylvania Repeater Systems N3KZ




Endorsement from John Karian, KB3H:

K3QNT will provide the  leadership and insight  to passionately articulate the vision of all members in the Atlantic Division.  I wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of this gifted and lifelong ARRL amateur radio operator. 

  John M. Karian, KB3H,
Franklin, PA
Life Member ARRL since 1980

Endorsement from Tom Mills AF4NC:

Because Lloyd has been active in all phases of amateur radio, done it all, its my opinion he is the best qualified to be our Vice Director.    Please support and vote for Lloyd.  He is one of us!
Tom Mills. AF4NC
Assistant Section Manager EPA Section
Section Traffic Manager EPA Section
Radio Relay International Operator
Global Messaging Via Amateur Radio
Member QCWA, CW Ops, Fists, NAQRP, A1-Op
Life Member ARRL




Endorsement from Dave Heller K3TX:

The Atlantic Division needs a vice director who has been very involved in our area A/R activities who has the operational and business experience to work with our current director to advance all  phases of our hobby, and to respect the needs and desires of all hams.  

Lloyd has an exceptional record in the activities we need on the ARRL leadership.  We need directors with solid business and on-air activity experience.  Lloyd's record speaks for itself - far better than the other current candidate.  He has my vote - he needs yours.

Dave Heller, K3TX 
Active PTN, 3RN and RRI.  
Life member ARRL 

Endorsement from R. Jay Williams K3SCM:

I wish to endorse the candidacy of Lloyd Bankson Roach, K3QNT, for Vice-director of the ARRL
Atlantic Division.  This gentlemen is an asset to the amateur radio community and is very well
equipped to carry our the duties of the ARRL Atlantic Division. He has done wonders for our Bedford
County Amateur Radio Society.


R. Jay Williams, K3SCM 
Past President BCARS  




Endorsement from Gene Mitchell, K3DSM:

I have known Lloyd for over 40 years, not only as a ham and friend, but as an expert in Broadcast Radio. I also worked for Lloyd for about 3 years at his radio station in West Chester. Everything he does is done with precision and expertise. He also served as Secretary of the Philadelphia Area Repeater Association for several years and helped me with projects beyond his duties. I strongly recommend him for Vice Director.

Gene Mitchell
President, Philadelphia Area Repeater Association
Life Member ARRL




Endorsement from Bob Wiseman, WB3W:  

Amateur Radio faces a lot of challenges in the next few years. and we need candidates who are uniquely qualified to serve on the Board of Directors at ARRL.

Lloyd has the knowledge and experience in these areas to lead us forward and provide strong leadership skills to pass our input on to our Division and especially ARRL headquarters in Newington. 

Bob Wiseman, WB3W
Section Manager
Eastern Pennsylvania Section

Former EPA SEC




Endorsement from Russell Miller, WA3FRP:

Lloyd's Amateur Radio roots are very deep, going back through his father, Ike Roach, ex-W3ABI SK, to the 1930's. Lloyd grew up in a ham radio friendly family. I first knew Lloyd when we were both teenagers at the same high school in the 1960s. This is when Lloyd entered the US Navy and served as a Shipboard Radioman. 

We parted ways for a while but got back together when he held the position of Chairman of the Board of our High School while I served as President of the Alumni Association. Since then, we have stayed in contact, both on and off the air, During all that time, Lloyd has continuously exhibited the exemplary characteristics of leadership, loyalty and friendship.

R. Russell Miller WA3FRP
Retired Vice President - Network Services, Siemens Heath Services
Former Vice President - University of Pennsylvania Engineering Alumni Society
Past President, University of Pennsylvania Amateur Radio Club, W3ABT  








Endorsement from Joseph Ames, W3JY:
Lloyd is a good man, a great ham and a dear friend.  He's done more to serve his country than any ten men. 

I'm glad he's running.
Joseph Ames Jr., W3JY
Former Section Manager
Eastern Pennsylvania Section