Lloyd Roach for Atlantic Division Vice Director 




Vision for the ARRL ®


Lloyd feels strongly that Ham Radio and specifically, the ARRL® are living on past accomplishments. The Internet revolution and the rise of cyberspace has drawn away thousands and thousands of potential hams to the "magic" of computers.

The recent ARRL® supported "Dumbing Down" of the FCC exams does not solve our problem. While supporting an entry level is to be encouraged, striving for excellence should remain our goal. There is no valid reason amateur radio operators should not be at the forefront of experimentation with new technologies as we were in the past.

He feels that the ARRL® is in a seminal position to reverse this course and make Amateur Radio a "lead dog" in technology once again. To do so, standards must be enhanced and pride of accomplishment restored. 

"The ARRL® must reinvigorate its long standing policy of quality, not quantity. We should be attracting the best and brightest in technical development.

We need to encourage a new and younger membership base who will add energy and fresh ideas that will enable this venerable organization to thrive for the next 100 years. Today’s younger generation is far more interested in software than hardware. A modernized ARRL could reach out to these potential hams with better messaging promoting the convergence of these two technologies and exploit the natural idealism of youth by stressing public service."

Over the years, the ARRL has served the ham radio community well. Unfortunately, it has become a large bureaucracy, often more interested in its own perpetuity than the members’ needs. Lloyd wants to be part of the member driven change that is coming.

You have a choice to make this election. We need to bring back a pride of accomplishment and restore the sense of purpose to amateur radio by establishing a much better relationship with local emergency management and the Department of Homeland Security. (DHS) Ham operators are a national asset and should be better organized when deployed as disaster strikes.

Your vote today is critical. It can mean the difference between an ARRL operating in a static state, with little or no concern about its members or a new and reinvigorated ARRL.

If elected, Lloyd will work assiduously to achieve these goals.








If you would like to know more about my ideas and plans, feel free to contact me at: k3qnt@aol.com or call me at 814-623-1688