Lloyd Roach for Atlantic Division Vice Director





Public Service Activities

Relayed critical traffic between Anchorage and Kodiak to San Francisco during the Good Friday Earthquake in 1964. Lloyd ran the relays from K3QNT/MM until band conditions enabled the stations to work directly. He received an ARRL Public Service Award for this effort.

Assisted in restoring communications in Wilkes Barre during Hurricane Agnes in June of 1972.

Served as the Governor-Appointed Emergency Management Coordinator for Birmingham Township and Pennsbury Township in Chester County.

Currently serves as RACES Officer and SHARES Station for the Bedford County Department of Emergency Services

As Chairman of the Birmingham Township Board of Supervisors, Lloyd wrote and enacted a Ham-Friendly Zoning Ordinance permitting 70 ft towers in the township.

 He has served in the following Amateur Radio Field level roles:

  • ARRL Official Emergency Station
  • EPA Public Information Coordinator
  • WPA Public Information Coordinator
  • WPA District Emergency Coordinator
  • Chester County ARES - RACES PIO
  • Bedford County ARES - RACES PIO
  • ARES Emergency Coordinator for Chester County, PA